Sports Performance Training


Athlete Strength Training

By combining solid strength training principles, sport specific movements, and in-depth anatomical knowledge, we create individualized programs for athletes to help them meet their goals. Each athlete will be evaluated by our doctor to review mobility, strength, and coordination to design a program appropriate for them.

Initial Assessment - $100*

*current patients contact for more info

Arm Care

Pitching is unnatural and creates a lot of stress on your shoulder and elbow. Pitchers are 34% more likely to be injured than field players and 279% more likely to have an arm injury.  Routine and preventative arm care can help prevent overuse injuries to the rotator cuff muscles and UCL in the elbow (Tommy John's).


Power for pitching and hitting begins in the lower body, transfers through the core and spine, and ends into the arms and hands.  Many baseball players lack the proper mobility to generate their potential power due to either a decrease in range of motion or poor body control.  Our baseball specific mobility assessment can help determine where movements are lacking and how we can help increase efficiency for pitchers and batters.